Daiboshi Shared Office Terms of Use

April 7, 2020


Here are the terms of use for Machiya Daiboshi Rental Space.

Please read carefully and comply with it when using.

If you do not comply with this agreement, we may refuse to use it from the next time.


purpose of use

Our rental space can be used for various purposes. For example, it can be used for personal study, work (telework, etc.), workshop, meeting, classroom, etc. However, it cannot be used to make loud noises other than for permitted events or to violate public order and morals.


hours of use

Please use within the time you applied for in advance. In case of extension, please contact us as soon as possible. However, please note that you cannot extend your reservation if someone else has already reserved it. Usage time includes preparation and cleanup. After use, please restore the original state to the state before use.


Loading and unloading

 Please be careful not to damage or damage the common areas during loading and unloading. In case of damage, you may be required to compensate for the damage.


 usage limit

 If you commit any of the following acts, your application may be canceled or use may be suspended.


① When the applicant transfers or subleases all or part of the right to use the rental space to a third party


② When the content of the application and the actual content are significantly different


③ When it is recognized that there is a falsehood in the application form


④ If it is deemed unfavorable in terms of management or public morals


⑤ When using without permission or qualification for use that requires permission or qualification                       


⑥ If you work or hold an event in our rental space without our permission


⑦ Violent acts, anti-social acts, their activities, or when organized, co-sponsored, sponsored, etc. by an organization whose business content is unclear


⑧ In the case of bringing in dangerous goods, or causing an accident resulting in injury or death due to bringing in dangerous goods, or damage, defacement, or loss of buildings, rental spaces, equipment, etc.


⑨ When opening holes or pasting adhesive tape in the venue without permission for display or decoration construction.


⑩ When noise, vibration, odors, etc. are generated, or are likely to cause a nuisance to the surroundings;


⑪ When it is judged that the visitor exceeds the allowable range of this rental space and causes annoyance to the surroundings.


⑫ If you do not follow our instructions or violate this agreement


⑬ Smoking and drinking are prohibited in this rental space. If smoking or drinking is detected


⑭ Unauthorized posting of images or videos taken in this rental space, whether indoors or outdoors, on media other than those operated by our company, or reprinting of images posted on our website without our permission.


⑮ If it is determined that there is a problem with the management and operation of this rental space.


Cancellation of license

 Regardless of the use, if you violate this agreement, we will cancel the use. In this case, the usage fee received will not be refunded.




Application for use and payment of usage fee

 Applications for use will be accepted in writing. If you are using it for the first time, please fill it out when you visit the site.


Please transfer the usage fee to the designated account at least 5 days before use. Please bear the transfer fee. Please note that refunds cannot be made unless there are special circumstances.


 cancellation policy

 100% refund if canceled 5 days before use.

 3 days before use 70%

 1 day before use 50%

 On the day 0%


Disclaimer, Compensation for Damages


① We are not responsible for any theft or damage to exhibits, items (valuables) brought in by users or participants, etc., regardless of the cause.


② If the use is suspended due to natural disasters, guidance from relevant ministries and agencies, or other reasons not attributable to our responsibility, we will not be responsible for any damages.


③ If the building, equipment, fixtures, rental equipment, etc. inside and outside the rental space are damaged, soiled, or lost, we will claim full compensation for the damage.


④ In addition, if we suffer damage due to the user violating this agreement, we will claim full compensation for the damage.


⑤ If the applicant suffers damage due to reasons attributable to our responsibility, and the damage is claimed by us, we will compensate for the fee received. However, we are not responsible for lost profits such as opportunity loss among the damages of the applicant.



Safety management

 ① During the rental space usage period, the user is responsible for safety management such as disaster prevention and crime prevention. In addition, the person responsible for the day must be stationed while using the rental space.


② For the safety of visitors and related parties, please familiarize yourself with the location and usage of emergency exits and disaster prevention equipment in preparation for emergencies. Please check the rental space when using it.


③ Please note that we may enter the rental space if we deem it necessary for maintenance and management of the rental space.


④ Please refrain from entering animals other than guide dogs and service dogs.


⑤ Hazardous materials cannot be brought into the rental space.


⑥ If it is deemed necessary for crime prevention, we may ask you to move your luggage or equipment even if it is in use.


⑦ Please obtain permission when posting advertisements such as event guides, venue guide signs, etc.


⑧ If a notice is installed in the rental space without permission, or if it is installed in a place other than the designated place, it will be removed immediately.


 Restoration after use

 ① After use, please return to the state before use.


 ② If you leave leftover materials or garbage left at the time of use, we will charge you a disposal fee.